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Sounding Histories

Sounding Histories occurred over 9 months at the centenary of the Mission to Seafarers Victoria.  Artists explored the archives in the collection, responded to architecture, histories reflecting on social connections today and in the past, on the sacred, ship faring, powers and charity.  The exhibition included two live performances, back to back by The Painters and Dockers (synonymous with the Trade Unions of seafaring) and sound artist Michael Graves.  Artist's works were integrated into the fabric of the iconic building, at times causing audiences to reflect on histories before the Mission existed and how social structures are always in flux.

A short documentary was made at the beginning of the project where a few artists shared their ideas

Curators: Cameron Bishop and Anne Scott Wilson

Artists: Maree Clarke, Catherine Bell, Painters and Dockers, Michael Graeve, Michael Needham, The Rogue Academy, Bishop & Reis

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