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We are a collective, 3 artists who create public and gallery art works.  As a group we are focused on the digital culture, its challenges in terms of identity and power. To that end our projects offer a point of entry for us and our audiences into the problems that influence us - the invisible yet palpable effects of Artificial Intelligence.

Bio: Bishop and Reis have worked in collaboration for almost 20 years as artists and in curatorial and production roles. Cameron Bishop (PhD) lectures at Deakin University and has written extensively on art in the public sphere. Since 2013 he has initiated, curated and produced a number of large scale public art projects including Venetian Blind (with David Cross and in conjunction with the Venice Biennale) and the Treatment Public Art Project. He has worked with Anne Wilson as a co-artist and curator on numerous large scale public art projects including White Night and Sounding Histories. Simon Reis is an installation artist and engineer. He has worked in production roles on public art projects with Anne, Cameron and other artists and curators. As an artist he has been the recipient of public art commissions and awards including Australia Council and Creative Victoria grants. Shortlisted – with Bishop (and the collaborative group, Bozo Ink) – three times for the McClelland Gallery Outdoor Sculpture Award Bishop & Reis’ ongoing interest in new and old media technologies, disruption and surveillance saw them awarded a City of Melbourne Arts grant in 2019/20 to produce the public artwork, Wonder Room for One. Dr Anne Scott Wilson's work has been exhibited in Australia, Germany, UK and Italy. Originally trained as a dancer working with the Queensland Ballet Company her interest in performance through dance as a time-based medium is now translated across the mediums of performative photography, video and public art projects. Conceptually, she is interested in capturing the movement that occurs when a force penetrates or is dissolved from one state to another. With Bishop and Reis, and through exploring the relationship between the human and AI in performance and participatory works her quest is deeply philosophic, aesthetic, and topical. 

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